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Expansion - Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica Download Game Hacked

Updated: Mar 27

Expansion - Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica Download Game Hacked ->

About This Content Res Publica is the third expansion for the much lauded strategy game Europa Universalis IV, that introduces new and unique ways to rule over your populace and govern your nation.Featuring the introduction of a new government type, this expansion also offers new idea groups to explore as well as new gameplay elements for Republics and Dictatorship. Res Publica elevates the art of governance and exploration by allowing the player to experience new ways of receiving bonuses, whilst expanding on their trade empire. The age of exploration is brought to life in this epic game of trade, diplomacy, warfare and exploration by Paradox Development Studio, the Masters of Strategy. Europa Universalis IV gives you the ability to control a nation and if you have what it takes, you can mold it into an empire that lasts through the ages. Main features:New government type - Republican Dictatorship:Republic tradition does not increase regularly during Dictatorship and you will be presented with opportunity to gain power by losing Republic Tradition or losing power while gaining Republic Tradition during your rule.New faction system:Consisting of Aristocrats, Traders and Guilds. Spend power to increase faction influence and reap the benefits of a specific faction’s bonuses.New election events for Dutch Republics:Centered around Statists and Orangists. If Statists are in power elections are held every 4 years, a new ruler will always be be chosen out of 2 random candidates. With Orangists in power there is no election until the ruler is deceased.New Idea Groups:This new feature opens up a the possibility for expanded exploration. 6d5b4406ea Title: Expansion - Europa Universalis IV: Res PublicaGenre: Simulation, StrategyDeveloper:Paradox Development StudioPublisher:Paradox InteractiveFranchise:Europa UniversalisRelease Date: 16 Jul, 2014 Expansion - Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica Download Game Hacked expansion - europa universalis iv res publica Too expansive!


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